BRANDING: One of the keys to a bands success is branding. Customers need to understand your brand and what it is about. Play Loud Agency will work with you to come up with a branding marketing plan that works for your band and execute it and introduce that brand to the masses.

LABEL SERVICING: Are you are label looking for publicity support for your upcoming artist releases and or tour support? Please contact me to discuss marketing opportunities for us to partner together.

MARKETING CONSULTATION SERVICES: If you feel like you can do this work on your own, but you may need some guidance or coaching, Play Loud Agency can do that for and with you. Let’s have a conversation to discuss how we can help you.

NEW RELEASE CAMPAIGN: If you have an upcoming release and would like a full service marketing campaign to target media, obtain interviews, target radio plays, and get the word out about your release, we can set up a full service campaign to meet your needs. Let’s sit down and discuss what you need and when you need it. A full service campaign takes more time to coordinate, so reach out a few months in front of your release date to set this option up.

ONE SHEETS: When you need a one sheet created for your band, it can be a huge task for you as an artist or a band, but not for us. Let Play Loud Agency handle this task for you.

PRESS RELEASES: Strategic marketing to get your new music in front of the right music publications for your sound. Play Loud Agency focuses on all types of music publications from magazines, webzines, bloggers, vloggers and radio for reviews, music plays, interviews and feature stories. The goal is growth for your band and your brand by marketing your music and band to the right people.

TOUR PUBLICITY: Proper publicity and tour promotion goes hand in hand with touring. You don’t want to show up to an empty venue, that’s not the point of touring. For tour publicity Play Loud Agency focuses on strategic advertising of your tour to the cities, states and countries your tour is headed to. It doesn’t stop at marketing, Play Loud Agency works with publications that can provide live tour coverage, photos, reviews, interviews and show features to give your tour the best coverage with the best potential.

Web Development

CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN: We will work with you to design the right website to showcase your band or brand. Built with optimization and security in mind.

CONTENT COPYWRITING: If you need SEO optimized content on your website, we can create that content for you helping your website rank high in searches which means more potential fans and customers.

SEO Services: We will check the SEO health of your site, make recommendations and work with you to optimize our content.

ARTIST EPK: A must have for artists. Whether booking a few gigs, full tour or submitting for festivals or even shopping for a label. An EPK (electronic press kit) is a must have tool for you. Let Play Loud Agency take that task for you and create an effective EPK that will give talent buyers, festival bookers, label representatives and even media writers the exact and professional information they need in one click and one place.

Creative Services

Imaging services are available. If you need custom content for your brand or as a band need promotional photos for a new release or tour we can work with you to create the content.

Artist Management

Management agreements require a great fit between an artist an a manager. Play Loud Agency offers full service management services where there’s a correct vision and passion between a manager and an artist. If you feel you are ready for management, reach out to start a discussion.

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