Today, Janina Jade’s first single “Heart Of Rock N’ Roll” has released from her upcoming March 26th album release “Heart Of Rock N’ Roll”. Janina Jade worked with legendary guitarist Jennifer Batten on the new album. With the mix of unique vocals and raw rock music, this is a great new track that will give music lovers a taste of what’s to come with the new album.

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Janina Jade is a Swedish rock musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter.

Her new album, “Heart Of Rock N’ Roll” features guitar virtuoso Jennifer Batten, (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck, solo artist), on lead guitar.

Janina Jade’s music and lyrics are just as unique as her voice and guitar playing. They are honest, real, raw, full of unfiltered emotions and attitude, with a sense of danger and darkness from a hard life lived on the edge.

“Heart Of Rock N’ Roll” is recorded without clicktracks or any studio trickery, I really wanted to capture the true essence of her voice and guitar playing, her vision, heart and soul, without making any compromises.

Line up: 
Janina Jade: vocals/rhythm guitars
Jennifer Batten: lead guitars
Tobhias Ljung: drums/bass

Mixed, mastered, produced by: Tobhias Ljung at MTS Studio

1. Heart Of Rock N Roll 3:28
2. The Darkness Of My Soul 3:17
3. Before My time Runs Out 3:22
4. Holding On 3:43
5. How Long How Long 2:05
6. Trouble 2:56
7. Exiled Within My Mind 3:47
8. Breathless Breathing 2:45
9. Ghost With No Name 3:10
10. Last Chance Saloon 3:40

Catalog Number: GMRCD2103

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