Seattle alternative rockers Palooka are back with a new EP titled “All Those Things Left Behind,” releasing on January 15, 2021.

Like so many other artists around the world in 2020, the band found themselves in the midst of working on a new album that got disrupted by the global pandemic. Rather than holding off and waiting to put out a full album with a longer delay, the band worked the creative angle to record and produce part of the new tracks as an EP. Similar to being the A-Side of an album, the new EP will have a following release later next year considered as the B-Side.

The new EP is heavy on authentic Seattle rock that will connect with listeners. The tracks are packed with deep cutting lyrics built on the foundation of big musical sounds that are sure to create an emotional response. Palooka are really excited about what they are releasing with “All Those Things Left Behind.” They believe deeply in the music they have written and are ready for the world to experience what they have created.

Palooka recently released a single and video for the new track “Head In The Clouds” that has given fans a sneak peak into the new music that’s to come. This is only the start in the next chapter for Palooka, make sure to join in for a great ride.

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Track List:
1. Head In The Clouds 3:17
2. All Those Things Left Behind 4:39
3. Picture On The Wall 4:01
4. Never Look Back 4:05
5. Roll On 4:42

Palooka are:
Chuck Campbell – Vocals
Glen Logan – Guitar
Howard Binner – Bass
Chris Quinn – Guitar
Jason Reavis – Drums

All songs by Palooka. © Big Thick Rock, LLC

Recorded and mixed by Jason Shavey at Synergy Productions, Seattle, WA
Mastered by John McCain, panicStudios
Produced by Palooka
Backing vocals on Picture On The Wall, Shaina Shepherd
Artwork by Chris Schanz.

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